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With personal experience and vast knowledge of how to start and run a highly successful business, I am trusted by my SME and new start-up business clients to plan their prosperous future.

Having been in business since I was 24 years old, I am the Managing Director of Chadd Blunt Consulting Ltd and Millennium Cargo Services Ltd, an international cargo shipping company. I have built over 20 years of expertise in management, sales, strategic marketing, coaching, mentoring and customer service, placing me in a strong position to help other businesses thrive.

I started my career as a keen youngster but although I’m now considerably older and wiser, I’m still keener than ever to continue sharing what I’ve learned so that businesses can truly benefit from my knowledge.

My journey into business coaching and mentoring began 5 years ago and since then, my passion for helping others to succeed continues to grow day after day. By undertaking a considerable level of business coaching for myself and my own successful logistics business, whilst attending several government assisted programmes, I understand what clients need. I’ve also discovered that my very personal and tailored approach achieves the best results for my valued clients.

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