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I thank my valued clients for their kind words, which I’m delighted to share with you.

"I met Chadd Blunt for the first time around 4 years ago via a mutual business friend and with his help, we have been able to set up a European Network where his advice and ideas have had a big influence on the success of this network.

Because of this success, we also asked him to be a part of a task force for another Global Network and again, his approach was totally different from the other members of the task force. Although there is an age difference between us, it is nice to see that a younger guy was able to coach me and my business partner to see things in a different way.

Regretfully, there are not many people in our industry that are able to coach like Chadd. He is a great help in the development of individuals.

I hope that in the future, he can help others with his experience and point of view. For me personally, he has been a great help."

Richard van den Boogaart, Managing Director, World Freight Logistics

"My relationship with Mr. Chadd Blunt dates back to 2009 when we first met overseas in the exciting city of Bangkok, Thailand. Very soon we started to become involved in various logistics projects involving Global and European networking. His coaching and mentoring, together with Chadd’s driven mind, has led us through the years to various new challenges. In addition, the input of new ideas have added value to our respective companies.

Thanks to his advice and evaluation of the past and present circumstances, we have been able to set clear goals for the future and how to get there. He has also assisted in putting structures together and has advised on how to approach our members in the best possible way. I am left in no doubt that Chadd’s expertise on the human factor and his psycho analysis of the individual cultural differences we are facing in our Global and European set ups have contributed highly to our present success.

We are really looking forward to building our relationship with Chadd further over the forthcoming years, since we believe our cooperation will grow further. This is because we have set new ambitions and plans for the next 3 to 5 years. Our joint enthusiasm will no doubt lead us further on the path of success. Gear up Chadd…the best is yet to come!"

Luc Huysmans, CEO & Founding Father, Atlas Logistic Network – European Cargo Gateways

"I first met Chadd on a course in Birmingham when we were studying to be Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners.

During the course and after getting to know Chadd, it was clear to me why he is a successful businessman. He is a passionate man, who is willing to help anyone he believes in and his drive and ambition are testament to his success.

A friend and I spoke to Chadd about setting up our own coaching/hypnotherapy business and due to neither of us having much business experience, Chadd didn’t hesitate and offered to help.

We met Chadd at his office in Solihull just prior to Christmas and it was very clear that not only was he a nice bloke but he was extremely serious about helping us achieve our goals within our business. After our lengthy meeting, we left with many goals set and many action points to work on. He also sent us an email a couple of days later with minutes of the meeting, which to me only confirms his commitment to us and his professionalism as a business mentor.

In summary, Chadd is an outstanding person and an excellent business coach. With his calm nature, he manages to build rapport very easily. He listens carefully and understands what you are trying to do. He has the ability to coach your ideas, not his own, offering sound advice and guidance. He is a very committed and professional business man and I for one am happy to have him as my business mentor."

Allan Harris (Ex Military)

"Having met Chadd in October 2010 at a PWC seminar, I immediately felt an affinity for Chadd’s approach to business and people. At that time, our business Squire Management and Training Ltd (SMT), was very much in its infancy. We had been trading for about 3 months.

Over the next year, I spent as much time as possible with Chadd, who was very open about the progress of his business over the previous 15 years. His insight enabled me to avoid many of the usual business pitfalls, as well as deal with the inevitable staffing issues.

Chadd has given me excellent guidance by listening and questioning but never judging. Over the past four years, I have been able to identify solutions to challenges mainly by using Chadd as a 'sounding board'.

Our business has doubled in turnover year on year over the past four years and is now very profitable and in a strong cash position. Our growth plans are on track for us to become a £1 million business within the next 18 months. Thank you for your support Chadd."

Keith Squire, Managing Director, Squire Management and Training

"I have known Chadd for close to 12 months now. Within that time, he has showed me “how it’s done” to be fair. We got on from the outset. I liked his clear drive for success, support and integrity. From our first meeting, I felt relaxed and that I could ask him anything. For me, this was an important part of having a coach/mentor moving forward.

I looked around his office upon our first meeting. All of his staff respected him and they looked like a unit working together at one time - my dream!

My benefits from working with Chadd have been being more organised, looking at time management and thinking ‘does that work for me?’, as well as implementing processes. This has been a life study for Chadd in his own business, which is very successful.

I have had close ‘one to ones’ on regular occasions, where I was on time, prepared and had clear steps for the meeting ahead. Chadd has also been on the end of the phone whenever needed, even when he was visiting China!

He has set up 'homework' for me (like the old days and we all wish we were back at school to improve our lives now!), which really helped me understand my business more in my own time. It also assisted me in keeping control of marketing, sales campaigns and setting up suppliers in the correct manner.

Chadd is flexible, efficient and friendly - nothing is ever too much trouble for him. Besides all this, he is also a great guy and works hard to support local charity events."

Anthony Arnold, Founder and Director, Gorilla WaterCoolers

"I was introduced to Chadd by my business partner, who suggested we use him as a mentor/coach. We are a new business trying to find our way and working with Chadd has been a great move. I found it a real benefit to speak to someone who knew what we were experiencing.

The advice he gave was not only invaluable but right on the button. He listens well and has a great manner, delivering his points across with empathy and enthusiasm."

Darren Kirk, Founder and Director, Gorilla WaterCoolers

"Just a quick note to say thanks once again for your help with my personal life and my business. I always take your advice on board, as you are running a brilliant and successful business. Everything you help us with always makes good sense and ultimately helps my business.

You are a brilliant friend as well as my business mentor and I just wanted to let you know that!"

Richard Perkins, Managing Director, RP Publishing

"Chadd, I am so blessed to have met you and all the help you have given to me is priceless. I wish my Mum was still here just to meet you and I just can’t thank you enough. Again, thank you for every piece of advice and the pointers you have given to me."

Barbara Jacques, Managing Director, Bright & Shine Ltd

"I first met Chadd last year whilst attending a course in Birmingham. Within the first few moments of arriving on the course, I could see that Chadd was a great, confident man, who oozed passion about business and enjoyed being around other like-minded people.

I was able to connect and converse with Chadd immediately as he was very welcoming, calm and easy to talk to. He inspired me to want to learn more about business (something which I know very little about) and he was more than happy to meet up outside of the course at any time to guide and assist me.

His whole manner demonstrates a great way to be. Other members of the course could warm to him easily too, as he was confident in his knowledge and willing to offer his opinions and thoughts on subjects.

It is obvious to see why Chadd is such a successful and passionate man. His professional manner is clear and precise. After the course we attended together, we arranged a meeting to assist a friend and I with a new business idea. His level of professionalism, advice, questions and coaching ability was very natural.

He has been, without a doubt, the main factor in enhancing my business knowledge and ensuring my planning became a reality. He communicated constantly to share ideas, articles and even the minutes of the meeting we had. The minutes were a top level document that was very thorough and precise.

I am very fortunate and privileged to now call Chadd a great business advisor, outstanding coach and a loyal friend. His skills of listening, being approachable and guiding people in their needed direction shines through when meeting him. His business career, family orientation and general passion in life, makes him a great person to be around in any situation. Thank you Chadd."

Dawn Ronson (Ex Military)

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